Spiritual life is at the heart of our SU Catholic Family. As a community of Catholics, we foster spiritual growth through a variety of programs and ministries. Whether you desire growth through one-on-one direction or gravitate toward group settings such as retreats, faith-sharing/Bible study and Masses, we have something to offer you at the SU Catholic Center.

While we are a faith community primarily devoted to the SU/ESF Catholic Family students, we welcome all to attend and participate in our numerous Masses throughout the week.

  • Inquiring about coming into full communion with the Catholic Church through the sacrament of Confirmation? As Catholics, we believe that the real presence of Christ fills us when we actively participate in Mass and receive the Holy Communion. If you have not received your sacraments of baptism, first communion, or confirmation, please email Fr. Gerry,

  • If you are interested in arranging your child to be baptized at Syracuse University please email our Chaplin Fr. Gerry, If you are an adult inquiring about becoming Catholic please see the RCIA tab below.

  • Below is the schedule for the the Sacrament of Reconciliation with our Chaplain, Fr. Gerry Waterman, at Hendrick’s Chapel Chaplain’s Suite (basement):

    Tuesday/Thursday: 2-4pm
    Wednesday: 10am-12pm, OR by appointment at the Catholic Center: 315-443-2600 or

    For a helpful resource, click here to download “A Guide to Confession” from Busted Halo’s website.

  • Fr. Gerry will assist your wedding inquiries and with your marriage preparation program. Please email him at or call 315.443.2600.

  • Whether you are a Catholic who never received Confirmation (and/or 1st Communion) or a Christian of another denomination investigating what the Catholic faith is about (AKA Candidates for Full Communion), or a person from a non-Christian background looking to become Catholic, or even a Catholic who is interested in learning more about the faith, SU Catholic Center is the place for you. The SU Catholic Center RCIA program will meet your needs to explore the beauty of the Catholic faith through brief presentations, discussions and companionship. Other SU Catholic Center members join in the journey to help those exploring the faith, and to explore their own faith more deeply.

    For more information on RCIA click here.

    Any SU/ESF student seeking to become Catholic, please contact Campus Minister Jeremiah Deep at or phone 315.443.2600.