The Catholic Center is located on the corner of Walnut Place & Adams Street. There is a white house directly on the corner attached to a large red-brick building. Our ministry is in the brick building! The white house is a living community for Catholic Students (The More House).

Walk up the sidewalk toward the rose garden and the main entrance will be on your right. There is also an entrance in the back of the building near our parking lot.

Building Layout

(coming from Walnut Place entrance)

  • Great Worship Space: For Sunday Mass, Dinners, Sandwich Ministry & Large Events
    Straight ahead as you walk in. Set of 4 doors, above which is a Franciscan Cross & the words “Phi Beta Alpha Community Hall”
  • Small Chapel: For Daily Mass & Small Meetings
    Immediately on your right as you walk in. Blue carpet with orange chairs.
  • Staff Offices: For Chaplain, Campus Minister & Office Manager
    Turn left when you walk in towards (but not through) double doors. Tile will change to orange carpet and there will be a short hallway to the left with doors to offices. Office manager is first door on left, Campus Minister is 2nd door on right, Chaplain is at the end of the hall.
  • Library: For Meetings & Student Study Space 
    Turn left when you walk in, through double doors.  Turn left down tiled hallway with bulletin boards. Pass coat closet & bathrooms. Library is 4th door on the right.
  • Great Room: For meetings & Events
    Turn left when you walk in, through double doors. Turn left down tiled hallway. Pass coat closet, bathrooms & library. Walk up short carpeted ramp, through 2 wooden doors.
  • Kitchen: For Baking Projects
    Turn left when you walk in, through double doors.  Walk toward back Exit.  When you reach back exit, turn right down the hall into kitchen. Or, cut through Great Worship Space (walk in and turn left).